German and Dutch 1-1 or Group Courses

The world is mobile and so are we. All courses available face-to-face or via virtual whiteboard, anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Billed per course not per participant.

German and Dutch courses are available as 1-1 courses or group course of up to 6 participants. There are three packages: Beginner, intermediate, advanced:

German/Dutch for Beginners. The real basics in 25 hours (intensive or regularly. You set the pace.)

What you will learn:

  • Personal information
  • How to get around/travel
  • Basic requests
  • Basic spelling
  • Very basic grammar
  • Basic German/Dutch for work
  • Basic German/Dutch for public encounters

My German teacher really went the extra mile for me. I was a beginner when I started but under her fantastic teaching I moved up a level really fast. I can highly recommend the beginner’s package if you have just moved to Germany and need to master everyday life!

Dimitar Dimitrov – Oath, Germany

How to enrol

The procedure – NO risk for you:

  • You decide how you would like to spread your 25 hours
  • Take your first class which is gratis if you decide not to continue
  • Upon request we write a test based on your course to assess progress (gratis)
  • You get a certificate of attendance and topics covered plus level (gratis)
  • You pay after the course or monthly
  • Termination period is 1 week.

Why In-Situ?
There are so many providers out there. How are we different?

  • The first class is free if you decide not to continue
  • Total flexibility. You can take the hours whenever you like and spread however you like
  • Class possible on-site or via virtual platform
  • Payment after the classes have taken place
  • Competitive market rates with no VAT

Download a case study from Oath, Germany

German/Dutch Intermediate. 25 hours (intensive or regularly. The course should suit you.)

What you will learn:

  • Tenses present, past and future
  • Modals (would, could should etc.)
  • Conditionals (if clauses)
  • The passive
  • Word order
  • German/Dutch for dealing with the authorities/public services
  • German/Dutch for talking about your work in-depth
  • Education and family
  • Prepositions
  • Note: More topics can be added upon request

How to enroll:

  • Request a quote via our contact form
  • We send you a needs analysis and placement test (gratis) for up to 8 participants per seminar
  • We fix a date
  • You receive your certificate
  • We follow up with you – staying in contact and supporting you with English emails (gratis)

German/Dutch Advanced. 25 hours (intensive or regularly. The course should suit you.)

What you will learn:

  • Complex texts
  • Accent coaching
  • Adjectival endings
  • Social, political and cultural topics
  • Indirect speech
  • The subjunctive
  • Fluency practice
  • Note: More topics can be added upon request