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in situ [ɪn ˈsɪtjuː] adverb & adjective

adverb: in situ; adverb: in situ; adjective: in situ
in the appropriate position.
“Her teachers were all in situ at the client.”
Origin: Latin

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Brexit Disclaimer – doing business with the EU post 2020 – business as usual for all services

In-Situ LTD is registered in the UK but our main client-base is in the EU. To be in line with European Data Regulations set out in the GDPR, all data, including our webserver, email traffic and all storage of any client information is now stored in Germany. In the case of a hard Brexit, the EU has stipulated that UK companies will be treated as 3rd country in terms of VAT/MwSt, falling under EU VAT Directive 13, meaning that VAT on a service carried out in a 3rd country, including the UK, is not liable on services provided to EU companies. Services are not impacted by Brexit and all In-Situ clients will be able to trade as usual with In-Situ post 2020. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact In-Situ LTD. This information is valid as of 21.12.20.