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What is it like to work at In-Situ? How are we different? A trainer’s perspective:

“Working at In-Situ is a revelation – my working life CAN be different, and I can be paid more! I don’t have to work at 7.30 in the morning and at 19:00 at night. I can even do some hours virtually from my computer and, I don’t have to follow a set curriculum. Getting paid after 48 hours after bill submission is great too and I feel very valued.  I also get to do other things such as test invigilation. I am stretching my wings here and it feels great!”

David Harrow – Hamburg

Most of In-Situ’s trainers come to us from larger language schools. They feel they have gone as far as they can go in a large firm and would like to have more say and, above all, more variety. At In-Situ we offer the following:
  • Higher rates than language schools
  • Courses in the daytime at decent hours
  • Back to back courses
  • Creative input
  • Virtual classes
  • Bonuses paid upon referral
  • Extremely quick payment – we don’t wait for clients to pay us. Teachers are priority
  • Flexibility – if you need to move a class – no problem! No drama!
  • No admin (apart from your invoice to us)

Sarah’s testimonial – In-Situ trainer in Berlin

Working at big language schools vs working for In-situ.
I joined In-Situ 3 years ago. I had worked at 2 big language schools where my day consisted of starting at 7.30 AM and finishing at 20:00 with a huge gap in between. I was teaching from materials supplied by the school, even though it sometimes didn’t suit the students’ needs. I didn’t feel very free in my ability to deviate from the set teaching materials. I had a lot of paperwork – filling out lesson plans, painstakingly filling out attendance sheets. I struggled to make ends meet as the pay was low.

Joining In-Situ – the interview and the beginning.
 I heard about In-Situ from a former colleague of my last language school who suggested I apply to join the team. Within minutes, Bryony replied back and we set up a meeting in Frankfurt. Upon meeting Bryony, the owner, I immediately felt valued and at ease. I felt that she saw me, was on my wavelength and saw what I could do for her.  In short – I felt I really wanted to work with her. She sent me a contract over – very simple and short compared to what I had had before!  She explained her payment system to me – an above-average hourly rate plus generous bonuses for bringing in new clients. A week later I had my first clients!

The classes – the virtual option and freedom
The students themselves were lovely and I could do whatever I wanted with them. One of the best things – after a week I got a seminar on how to use In-Situ’s virtual platform designed for the English class. One day when I couldn’t make class due to a delivery, In-Situ arranged for me to do a virtual class. Not only was it a big success but the students loved the session and we frequently do virtual sessions now which gives me so much freedom.

The smaller firm – more input
What I loved so much about working with In-Situ was the opportunities I got to do other tasks. I invigilated a TOEIC test together with Bryony (for good money!)  and we are now discussing me being a trainer in Dublin for her language trips there.

Sustainability and charity.
Bryony does an annual charity trip where she teaches children in poor countries and helps to build schools. Some of the fee she receives from the client, after paying the teachers, goes to charity. We are now in talks about the possibility of some of the trainers joining her on one of these trips which will be an amazing experience!

The conclusion:
With In-Situ I am free – to develop myself, to take on different tasks within In-Situ and to have financial freedom due to the higher rates. I feel very committed to In-Situ and my students and value what In-Situ brings me. If you are working at a big language school – it can be different!

Sarah Vishan – Berlin

In-situ is always looking to expand the team. If you fit the profiles below, feel free to send us your CV!

English into Norwegian/Swedish Translators:

We are currently looking for freelance translators and native speakers of Norweigan for an upcoming IT project. If you are qualified with over 2 years’ experience please apply here:

English Teachers in Frankfurt

We are currently looking for freelance English trainers in Frankfurt. If you have a TEFL, a university degree and at least 2 years’ experience please contact us via the form below.

Packaging English Experts

We are currently looking for Trainers with experience of packaging English. If you have experience in this field, please send us your CV!